Hey all. Just about 4 days since my last post.

Not bad right? Am I still considered on the wagon?

What a hectic week this has been.

Amazing, but hectic.

I love love love love love being back at school. I cant remember the last time I felt more myself and just NORMAL.

Just hanging out with friends, going to classes, going to bars, sleeping in, eating when I’m hungry (still following a meal plan, cause I aint quite ready to be on my own with that) and just living life!!

It was extremely hard for me to leave my college town and come home for my 3 days of program. I just wanted to stay at school and with that normal feeling forever.

But alas, I came back last night and went to program today. Now I know how ridiculous this is, cause I have only been away for a week, but I felt so out of touch with the program. Being there today, I felt like I was back in my first week, asking myself “what am I doing here?”

While I love and missed my program girls while I was away, they were kind of the only reason I wanted to come back.

The rational side of me knows I still need this program to make a smooth transition back to school, and back to normal life. But part of me also just wants to leave it all behind, and move on you know? Forget it ever happened!!

But alas, it did happen, and I know I have to tread lightly, and take the support I am being offered, so that I never ever return to that illness.

Just gotta grow me some patience…hahaha

I haven’t been food photgraphing much, but I’ll give you a quick overview of todays morning eats πŸ™‚

Breakfast came in two parts: Part One (Pre-Run)
I grabbed a kashi cherry dark chocolate bar and a coffee

then I proceeded to the gym with my dad for a 20 minute run (+5 minute cooldown) followed by some stretching…and no shower…am I gross, maybe kinda..

Then I headed over to Starbucks nextdoor and picked up a proper breakfast on the go…

(Not my picture, I love the interweeeb πŸ™‚ )

Ham, Cheese and Egg Frittata on an Artisan Roll, paired beautifully with a double tall soy latte

Its times like this I am thankful for the program though, because months ago I never could have imagined being ok with having this breakfast, and this morning, I damn well enjoyed it.

Hope all your weeks are going well!!




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3 responses to “Transitions

  1. traynharder23

    hhaha sometimes after i run i don’t shower..i wait til the end of the day. i’m gross. =D

  2. glad to hear you are having a good time at school!

    don’t worry about not showering – we all do it sometimes, but some people are too scared to admit it πŸ™‚


  3. Great progress you have made!

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