In transit

Hello Lovelies

Hope you all got through your humpdays swimingly

Mine was all over the placeee. Literally.

Recap anyone?

Quick Disclaimer: I have started to incorporate more exercise into my lifestyle, but its all planned, and I do make sure to eat extra for that activity. When we burn more, the body needs more, and I am aaallll about nourishing the body, ya dig?

My plan is running 3 times a week (25 minutes each), and doing yoga 2 times a week, and then two rest days. However, if I miss a day or two, or three, am I gonna fret?

Hell to thaaa no.

Exercise is for enjoyment, and should not be something rigid and regimented.
Wheres the fun in that!?

So this morning, I woke up bright and early to hit up the gym with my dad.

Before going – I enjoyed a Nature Valley Sweet n Salty Almond Bar along with some necessary java

I know it says "peanut" but just imagine "almond" mmm.

Then proceeded to do my 25 minute run, cooldown and stretch.

To change things up I showered this time when I got home (though unfortunatley I don’t do that on the daily haha)

I was sooo fresh and so clean clean

For a proper breakfast I decided to make my first ever stove-top-oats!!

I was a little nervous I would screw it up, but they ended up perfect!!
Banana Peppermint Chocolate Oats

I used 1/3 cup oats, 2/3 cup of peppermint chocolate soy milk (yum!!) 1/3 cup water, splash of vanilla extract, pumpkin pie spice, 1 banana and a loving dollop of Maranatha Peanut Butter

I definetley wanna keep experimenting with stove top oats. This kept me full for a while, and just seemed better quality than the instant oat packs I usually make..

Next up, PB and Jelly Oats. (Obvi I would make mine PB, Banana and Jelly Oats.)

Then I was off to check in with the program (with a double tall soy latte in tow)

Group went really well. Even though I am finding it hard not to be with my friends at school for the whole week, I know I need the support of the girls and staff to keep my meal plan and recovery in check. After handing in my weekly food journal to the staff, they said they noticed a difference in my eating while I was at school, and that the food choices had been much safer.

That freaked me right out, cause I had not even really noticed it. I do NOT want to fall back into old behaviours. I am more than ready to move on. So more program it is πŸ™‚

After group we all took a lunch risk together and had bagel sandwiches with cream filled cookies as our high energy serving.

Imagine this:
mutigrain bagel with ham, swiss, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, s+p and then 2 oreos and 2 fudgeeos.

It was a risky lunch that definetley challenged ED, but I just enjoyed the conversation with the group, and actually really liked all components of the lunch πŸ™‚

To be honest, I love bagels. I used to be terrified of them, but I have had them enough times now to know, they do not kill me. In fact, they taste daaammnn goood. Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with some cream cheese? yes please!

After lunch I chatted with the girls for a bit, but then had to speeed downtown to make my 3:30 train back to my college town πŸ™‚

The train ride is only about 2 hours and 15 minutes, which I usually fill with movie watching

But now that I am back in classes, I have a shiiiiitload of readings to catch up on alll thhee timmmeee. As soon as I think I’m done, new ones pop up! Its crazy.

So I used those 2 hours to make a serious dent in my workload, and to snack obvi..

peanut butter n jelly larabar, yummers

Once home, I unpacked, cleaned my room, and then headed out to the grocery store for some necessities (tropical cottage cheese, frozen chicken breasts, tuna, bananas and gum…

weird grocery list, I know, but I am leaving town again tomorrow, and I didn’t wanna get stuff that might go to waste, y’all know what I saaaaay?

After chilling with my housemate and doing some necessary facebook creepin, I began dinner preps.
Chicken, veggies (with some butttaaa) 1/2 sweet potato and a buttload of mustard and ketchup (trust, more was added, much more) and an un-pictured laughing cow cheese wedge.

To add a sweet ending to my meal I had a buttersctoch pudding, it hit the spot πŸ™‚

Question though: I boiled the sweet potato for about 35 minutes and it ended up kinda mushy. How would you guys prepare Sweet Potatoes?

I love em’ but just dont know how to cook em.

After dinner, the rest of my housemates came home, and we spent the rest of the eve just watching some TV, and catching up.

And as I write this I am having my evening snack

creepy photobooth picture, sorry!!

6 whole wheat premium plus cracker, 1 LC wedge, 1 tbsp raspberry jam, a single serve of tropical cottage cheese and a mug of aqua.

Well that was one long day, I woke up at home and in program mode, and am calling it a night in my college town back in student mode.

Tomorrow I am off to visit my best friend in Montreal, so I gotta rest up, cause I probably wont be doing much of that this weekend. Will give you guys a recap Sunday.

Enjoy your weekends girls!! Much love, xx



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3 responses to “In transit

  1. Alicia

    Hey there! I have been reading your blog everyday ever since you started and after reading today’s post, I thought it would be necessary to finally comment. “Banana peppermint chocolate oats”: I have been debating on using that VitaSoy for an oats creation ever since I got it back in December as each year I always stock up on the delicious drink. Do you like their soy nog? I do! Anyway, glad to see someone has just as crazy ideas as I do. πŸ˜‰ And now I think I know what I will be making this week…

    PS: I am so happy to see you blogging again. I enjoying reading your posts as I am a fellow Canadian and share most of the same eats that you enjoy. Please keep up the yummy eats, you have done amazing all these months, you are so strong and inspiring!

    – Alicia

  2. Rachel

    Seems like a lovely, productive day! Do keep the positive attitude, girl:) It’s contagious!

  3. Great job on your challenging lunch!
    Pb & j larabar sounds delish but I have yet to try it!!

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